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Innersanctum works with individuals and organizations to develop effective marketing and technology strategies across a broad array of categories. We specialize in consumer-focused marketing of products and services as diverse as genetics, life sciences, financial systems and behavioral healthcare, to luxury products such as craft beers, boutique wines and other beverage alcohol products.

Helping our clients generate and manage demand for their products and services involves creating innovative solutions with a focus on user experience, conversion design, and best-of-breed database systems. We also develop customized software applications which build upon traditional sales, marketing and commerce methodologies.

life sciences and genomics

We operate DNA Identifiers, a business focused on DNA Paternity Testing, Family Relationships, Forensics and US Visa Immigration testing. DNA Identifiers is a registered agent for multiple AABB-accredited laboratories and can coordinate collection services throughout the United States. We also have collectors at many California DNA Testing facilities and now provide DNA testing in Oregon.

DNA Identifiers is also a reseller and distributor of the first non-veterinary no-blood Dog DNA testing kit to determine breed composition solely through Canine DNA, in addition to manage a network of online affiliate and partner relationships.

cloud software and services

It is the age of Cloud Computing — the latest buzz word for "software-as-a-service" (SaaS) or simply software you access and manage entirely online, without installing or hosting anything on your computer or network. As a developer of web-based content and contact management as early as 1996, we have been living and working in the cloud for a very long time!

Under the brand name Rogue IT we design, develop and distribute CRM and e-commerce software for the platform, including our own Sales Software for Beverage Alcohol called GreatVines. We also help companies integrate and leverage these "clouds" as part of their overall sales and marketing strategies.

internet marketing and management

Innersanctum also provides Internet marketing services for healthcare providers and online retailers such as Paramount Services which provides unique sublimation products such as coral tile frames and dog shirts. We provide complete turnkey solutions from website design and content, to comprehensive analytics, optimization, advertising and integration services.

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